The Quiet Comeback【英語版】

著者:Casey Wahl

Insights into the Japanese Entrepreneurial Mind


本書は未来をつくる起業家の英語版になります。 日本国内以外では、、Apple iBookstore、Google Play Storeでご購入いただけます。 The Quiet Comeback features in-depth interviews with the visionary founders behind 20 of Japan’s most successful startups. This diverse cast of entrepreneurs is challenging the status quo of corporate Japan, setting the stage for the resurgence of the country’s once great tech industry. These wide-ranging stories from the font lines of Tokyo’s venture scene offer an inside view of how successful startups are built within Japan’s unique culture and business environment. Peppered with practical tips and market insights, the conversations offer a broad snapshot of the Tokyo tech world. In their own words, founders share the struggles and strategies that went into their companies. How do you find funding —or investment targets— in Tokyo? How do Japanese tech founders differ from their Silicon Valley counterparts? What does it take to build a service that can thrive in both the Japanese and global marketplace? Where is the Japanese internet lagging behind or leaping ahead of the rest of the world? For those interested in creating a startup connected to Japan, or anyone curious about the multi-layered questions of Japanese business psychology, this book is the closest you can come to sitting in the same room with the brightest minds in the Tokyo tech scene today.



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A word from the mayor
1. Kiyo Kobayashi, Nobot and Chanoma
2. Shinji Kimura, AdLantis / Angel Investor, Gunosy
3. Swimmy Minami, BizReach
4. Mari Murata, Founder and CEO, iemo
5. Yusuke Mitsumoto, Founder and CEO, Bracket
6. Yo Shibata, Founder, Spotlight
7. Matt Romaine & Robert Laing, Gengo
8. Taro Fukuyama, AnyPerk
9. Takahito Iguchi, Tonchidot, Telepathy and DokiDoki
10. Takehiro Kakiyama, MONOCO
11. Miku Hirano, Founder, Naked Technology and Cinnamon
12. Yuya Kuratomi,Founder and CEO, PandaGraphics
13. Yosuke Akiyoshi, Lancers
14. Toshiyuki Yamamoto, Chatwork
15. Shokei Suda, Buyma
16. Hikari Sakai, Interest Marketing
17. Shinichiro Kawabata, Interspace
18. Yukiko Muto, ProTrade
19. Kaoru Hayashi & Joi Ito, Digital Garage